Kathleen Johnson is a World Traveler, Outdoors Adventurer, Research Scientist and Photographer. She has been making photographs since childhood, but began serious photography as an undergraduate taking her first B&W photography class, and documenting field studies as a Geology Student and later as a full time Earth Science researcher. Her work continued to be largely documentary in style and work related, until a 2000 move to Monterey, California. Here, Kathleen pursued formal studies in B&W photography at Monterey Peninsula College. Monterey being the ‘Home’ of Classic B&W Photography there were many opportunities for students to exhibit their work, and she participated in a number of gallery shows and national competitions. Following a move to Colorado and recovery from a life-threatening illness, Kathleen is again submitting her work to galleries and competitions. Her preferred subjects are: Landscapes, Architecture and Experimental Photography.  She makes silver prints in her own home darkroom.




Developing My Personal Vision